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The correspondence, signed by chamber lead designer tara barney, calls into wonder if the $46 million acquisition is sound fiscal policy for the city.It also questions how it will affect future system projects, Others with privately owned businesses, a need for more financial experience active in the process and possible use of the eastern iowa industrial center in northwest davenport. City officials have prior to this said they have tried to find a private company to buy the casino and make it land based, and none of the three proposals submitted thursday involved the economic park. Barney didn't want to consider the letter's seven summary sentences as concerns, saying the letter takes no alignment. "It was letters to the mayor and city council about the thoughts on the good works they were doing in a matter that is of great importance for the city of davenport and the community, she talked about friday. "I just wanted to assure there is some good input.It is the beginning of a process, and we want the elected officials to have the option to do the work they do, Mayor bill gluba said the letter was sought after. Pandora Birthstone Beads "Because us, they are interested in preserving investment in davenport, he was quoted saying. "Many of the concerns that were raised are already considered by our professional consultants or are being considered, He tried to recruit bank executives to the davenport community growth corp, but was hit a brick wall.At its first meeting soon, board member and an entrepreneur kelli grubbs discussed expanding the board and adding members with financial experience. When your board does vote to amend its bylaws and expand, gluba said he would welcome recruiting some help from the chamber in order to appoint someone with financial acumen. Aldermen tim justin, 6th keep, bill thrive, 3rd keep, and after that gene meeker, in particular, who serve on the council's casino negotiating committee and have been heavily involved in buying process, said consumers, really, appreciated the letter but many of the letter's concerns will concerns. "I think most of the items in the letter, we've brought up as a committee, justin acknowledged. "They are good points and valid points that should be thought about. "I think they are just trying to emphasize those points and that we are thinking about this seriously, and i'm Self-Self-Assured that we are, The council is not taking its eye off of future system projects as it works on the casino acquisition, justin documented, especially ones active in the regional transportation plan such as a 76th street project specifically mentioned in barney's letter. The letter asked if the council was thinking of an"Exit methodology, if the purchase model is unable to pay down the debt.The city is proposing to buy the casino using general need bonds. Boom didn't realise the sentiment. more information "It is saying, 'congratulations on an innovative job, what keep these things do when you get fired?Or"He explained. Three developers were bullish on davenportand the downtown prospective benefits in proposals they submitted thursday, boom understood. "They feel there is more depth to the gaming possibilities in this region than was already tapped, he explained. "People who are willing to put $100 million out of their own pocket are going to do their due diligence and wouldn't be willing to face this market if it isn't worth it,