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Burlington shopping list Burlington shopping list Capital passing(51.9 of answerers)Was tracked closely by taxes(47.6 %)And city procedures spending(46.5 %).Rounding out the top five issues regarded by chamber members were the still to be completed pier Pandora Bracelets project and the planned joseph brant memorial hospital expansion, which gained nods from 42 and 41 per cent, respectively. "We're not surprised at these results, said chamber director keith hoey. "We've been hearing a lot of comments about the city's capital spending in the past few months and clearly, higher capital and operations expenses Pandora 2014 are what drives property taxes higher, The survey also asked participants to answer two specific questions: "What ought to be done with the pier, that was left incomplete in a dispute with the contractor and"What should happen to how big is council, A large number of respondents(58 %)Believed"Just surface wrap up(The boat dock), 16 per cent advisable a new builder and 11 per cent endorsed it be torn down. As is bigger of the seven member city council, close to half the answerers(47 %)Believe it should stay the same, 22 per cent wanted it to go up in size, and 17 per cent would choose fewer councillors.Only 20 per cent of answerers identified city Pandora Animals Beads council size as an issue.