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Back partnered with teacher boyfriend despite breakup after arrest Jordan systems, the california teen who made national news when she and her graduating teacher moved in together, told local station kovr that the two are together again after a turbulent few weeks. The 18 year old broke up with her 41 year old boyfriend james hooker after he was arrested recently on charges of sexually abusing a student in 1998.He had previously left his family and his position at james enochs your childhood in modesto, calif.To tolerate powers, who used to be one of his business students.The two started to share an apartment as hooker took paid management leave from the school. But after hooker's police criminal public charge april 6, the teen's mother tammie powers helped her daughter pack her bags and move to ohio together along with your ex.Right then and there, jordan advantages told abc that she had"Lost all kinds of things for this guy, Her passing away didn't last.Hooker premiered after posting $50, 000 bail and recognized as her"Often, and the teen began speaking with him daily, tammie drives told the modesto bee.Then jordan to be able to head back to california. "She left by herself.She hired a cab and booked her very own flight, tammie power said, noting that her daughter has also cut off information with relatives. "Currently its awful.And this pedophiles, seeker do.They separate them from family, Neighbors confirmed to kovr that jordan powers moved back last week, into the california apartment she distributed to hooker. "She came out and she had wet hair like she got out of the shower some thing, one outer said. "It's actually not right.A possibility right, Students at enochs high believe that powers and hookers' romance arrangement began as early as when the teen was 14, and the couple contends that no sexual relationships existed until she turned 18.Exactly when every thing has become began and its physical evolution are at the center of the police investigation into hooker.One of hooker's boys and girls is a junior at enochs high just one year younger than powers. News of powers and hooker's getting back together comes as legislation inspired by their relationship was rejected this week in the california state legislature.Gathering bill 1861, provided by republican assemblywoman kristen olsen, would have made teacher student and family business relationships a felony, no matter what a student's age.It would have also stripped school employees of their pensions and retiree professional medical if convicted. Democrats who killed the bill said the proposal left too many questions un answered.It would have also banned sexual calls between students and teachers, including texting. Tammie powers has likely been the most vocal critic of her daughter and hooker's spouse.She first waged a very public zynga war against hooker and later appeared on"Medical professional.Phil"Accusing hooker of brainwashing her modest. Jordan powers has duringmeal stopped taking classes at enochs high but is completing her senior year through independent study and plans to walk at her college school and work in may. Ashley nicole andersonin september, 2012, anderson was accused of having sex with four of her students and achieving oral sex on three others. Courtney speerspeer was accused in march, 2012 of having sex and among her 17 year old students on multiple occasions in the school's parking lot in bryant, ark. Laurie lee kellyan arizona teacher's assistant accused of leaving her 6 year old child with strangers so she could have relations with two men said she was driven jordans shoes girls by a"Manic erotic rage, according to documents. Kelly mckenzy watsonthis special education teacher in ca.Was arrested in august, 2012, for allegedly having a sexual rapport with a 17 year old former student.She was arrested and arraigned with sex Air Jordan 12 crimes, but at the time of aug.14, Was on paid management leave at the high school she worked. Irene khanin june, 2012, khan was accused of sex with a 14 year old student on multiple occasions including in her car and home and at various hotels. Nicole jacquesin not on time march, 2012, nicole jacques allegedly had sex with her 15 year old student several times a day in her apartment.None of the alleged abuse happened at calvary baptist school in pa where she worked. Stephanie cobbcobb was busted in march, 2012 for allegedly sex with a 16 year old student.She also allegedly dealt 12, 000 texts with the boy throughout four months Stefanie dickinsoncolorado school board member stefanie dickinson was arrested with internet luring of a child in september after she was caught sexting a 14 year old boy.The boy reportedly told police he became irritated after she would show up at his football games and tell him how sexy his smile was.She was busted in october for sexual assault on another minor, also students. Photo for the el paso county sheriff's office. Lauren redferncolorado high school sports and physical eduction teacher and basketball coach lauren redfern was charged with sexual assault on a child by a person of a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse after suspicions arose that she was having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17 year old student over the course of 4 months.Original interviews with the victim indicate that their relationship was consensual, be squandered anytime soon deter the sheriff's office from pressing charges against redfern. Andrea ebert, a 30 year old special education teacher at rice lake junior high school in wisconsin, was jailed in february 2012 after dad had sex with two 17 year old students.