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Congress drift see results about bracelets to create new alliances in j kashmir newsletter Congress drift to create new alliances in j kashmir newsletter The regional national expo(North carolina)And the the legislature, the ruling coalition companies in jammu and kashmir, is very much fast drifting apart even as the issue of their contesting the 2014 lok sabha and state assembly elections together hangs fire. Chief minister omar abdullah in a recent interview said that while overall flexibility for jammu and kashmir stands ruled out, some special arrangement similar to the one made by britain in respect of ireland and scotland should be helped the state. This survey obviously did not go down well with a centrist party like the congress, which does not approve of any further political re alignment between your centre and the state. Senior nc management, among them abdullah's uncle mustafa kamal, have been engaged in a political diatribe on the congress, holding it with regard to"Betraying"The person's founder, the missed sheikh muhammad abdullah,"And thereby causing immense damage to individuals of kashmir, In yet another dubious issue raised by kamal and his cousin sheikh nazir, the once all powerful nc general assistant, the two said the late sheikh had never been a party to the state accession to india in 1947. "The accession appeared by the dogra maharaja, hari singh, when sheikh sahib was at the maharaja's jail.How could he be held a celebration to j accession to india in 1947, they asked while talking to reporters. The policy evoked a strong reaction from the congress and even the separatist leaders. State congress president saif ud din soz said the statement was not based on historical facts as the maharaja's pm, mehar chand mahajan, had greeted the late sheikh in october 1947 asking him to bring around mahatma gandhi and jawaharlal nehru, both of whom were of the opinion that unless the maharaja's request for accession was backed by normal mandate of the sheikh, india would struggle to ask the army to drive away the tribal invaders from pakistan. Senior hardline separatist leader syed ali geelani said the sheikh had even written in his life story,"Aatish vitamin y chinar, that he had played a crucial role in getting india's military help to stop the tribal invasion. The nc has ordinarily been a mainstream regional party with a strong base in the valley and in the muslim dominated areas of the jammu region. "The nc is going to be playing on the pro valley card whenever elections are around.This might have helped them in times past, but the people now understand why party can align with anybody as long as it is assured of being in power.Didn't it do that by aligning while using the bjp(In the middle), Inquired Naeem Akhtar, Chief spokesman of the other Peoples Democratic Party(Pdp). With the 2014 lok sabha elections scheduled to be held prior to state assembly elections, the drift between the nc and the congress would make things very hard for the latter in trying to work out some sort of an alliance with the nc for the general elections. How can the congress face the voters in the jammu and ladakh regions that are for the complete integration of the state with all of Pandora Animals Beads those other country if the nc continues to seek political packages like internal autonomy or ireland scotland type concessions? Which means that, congress and nc leaders have been issuing statements that each party can form the next government in kashmir on its own strength. And union health minister and former chief minister ghulam nabi azad told party conventions in jammu and srinagar that concern of future alliances by the congress would be decided"At the best, Obviously azad was keeping wide open his party's alternatives for aligning with either the nc or Buy Pandora the pdp. On its a component, the pdp has been playing its cards perfectly. Pdp patron mufti muhammad sayeed has been talking of larger peace endeavors between india and pakistan, closer contact involving the residents on the two sides of the border in divided kashmir, better trade between the two parts and finished cessation of hostilities on the line of control(Loc)And the abroad border in the state. Even so, in politics will not be any permanent friends or enemies.This is proved during the two elections in 2014. A small grouping of 25 panchs and sarpanchs from jammu and kashmir on sair e watan, a part of functionality sadbhawna with army officers at amritsar cantonment in amritsar on oct.23, 2013. Home minister sushil kumar shinde interacts with jawans in sambha group of jammu and kashmir on oct 22, 2013. Ancestors democratic party(Pdp)Founder mufti mohammad sayeed addresses a press seminar in srinagar on oct.28, 2013. A gaggle of 25 panchs and sarpanchs from jammu and kashmir on sair e watan, a part of connectivity sadbhawna with army officers at amritsar cantonment in amritsar on oct.23, 2013.