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Tiffany jewelry is Tiffany Rings Sale class There is something much more special when you buy designer jewelry.This is similar to custom jewelry in the way that it unique but it is targeted at a niche market.Designer jewelry is very different to other forms of jewelry and stands out from the crowd.One good example of a well respected jewelry designer is tiffany co. Soon tiffany co.Would be known for its expertise in silverware and jewelry.Tiffany received patronage from many of the great family of new york in the late 1800 the astors, and the vanderbilts, as well as the morgans Tiffany Necklaces Sale made tiffany co.A part of their luxurious lifestyle.In 1845 tiffany create a catalogue, which they appropriately named"The blue book"Providing their patrons an easier way to browse their fine jewelry and silverware.Agian in, 1877 tiffany made history by creating med with an ny insignia on it to honor the first new york city police officer who was shot and killed in line of duty.We now see this insignia every were today because it was adopted in 1909, over 30 years after its first use, by the new york yankees.Return to tiffany heart lock pendant necklace popularity continued to grow and was commissioned in 1885 to redesign the great seal of the united states.Then in 1929 the great depression struck.The first things people began to give up were the little luxuries that were costly and unnecessary.Furs, silver, jewels and other luxury items were sold as the depression continued to worsen.Many stores were unable to stay open, large companies closed their doors forever, to became part of the memories of a pre-Depression era economy.Tiffany pushed through and continued to operate throughout the depression.The demand for tiffany resumed and the company continued to increase their brand value.