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Doctors Pandora Flowers Charms seek nationwide abortion law clarification Doctors seek nationwide abortion law clarification Australian medical bureau(Ama)Is calling for state governments to clarify abortion laws in the wake of a nsw case in which a sydney doctor has been found guilty of performing an illegal abortion. In the top court yesterday, a jury found dr suman sood guilty of two charges of unlawfully using a drug to procure a miscarriage. "If doctors should be found criminally liable and they're found to be criminal for performing an abortion that a woman requested, then i believe it's time that the laws were clarified, Anti abortion campaigners say the conviction should be the wake up call to others who it claims are flouting the law. The vice chairman of right to life australia, dr john fred, believes doctors are by design choosing to interpret the laws too liberally and he hopes yesterday's conviction has an impact. "I think it'll make those who see results about jewelry wish to accede to abortion because it's a very lucrative business i think it'll make them think twice before they go ahead, he explained.