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Bcs title duringmeal game to use 3 Oklahoma and florida fans can follow their teams' pursuit of the bcs national title from a new dimension at a tonight.Rave rom pictures' rave yorktown, 15900 yorktown bridging blvd, is one of 35 theaters online airing a 3 d broadcast of the sooners gators game, biggest banking attempt by sports leagues, tv networks and innovation companies to take sports beyond hdtv.Tickets are $25 each special plastic 3 d glasses are included resulting in half of the 300 seats at the theater, which gives you a 30 foot screen, had been sold as of wed.3Ality virtual of Burbank, Calif, Use eight Sony 3 D cameras to shoot the game.The 3 d feed will be when jordans shoes for women combined sound from the broadcast crew and piped by satellite to theaters. "I started this business because the thing i wanted to watch the most was a broadcast of the super bowl in 3 d, says, originator and ceo of 3ality. "Sports is about geography to some extent, with members of the squad moving in space, and nothing can show that any better then 3 d, along with new the computer industry, viewers will see tonight's game from a new prospect.While regular football broadcasts use a high camera mounted at midfield to show plays as they unfold, schklair said 3 d images are simplest when the objects are moving toward the camera.Hence, 3ality is going to have two cameras in the stands and six closer to the field.Cameramen will shoot each play from either the end zone or from a high camera mounted at a 45 degree angle to the play as opposed to the straight ahead shots used by traditional broadcasts, and cameras closer to the park will be used for replay shots.Each 3 d camera put has two cameras, focused by the cameraman through the single viewfinder.3Ality's hi-Tech combines data from the two lenses one for the left eye, one for the best into a single hd picture that can be processed by a standard tv production truck.It then sends the signal to the cinemas, when a decoder splits the signal into left eye and right eye images.3Ality first tested its 3 D skills at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston in 2004.Turner sports will beam its nba all star saturday night to the rave yorktown and other theaters the following month.Schklair is favourable tonight's broadcast will be glitch free. "Offering it down now, he was quoted saying. "That's not to say things are perfect yet.