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Bethel see results about jordans bank robbery defendant shoes: nabbed , 36, Will be arraigned in Waterbury Superior Court today on multiple charges stemming from the Feb.27 holdup on the in Waterbury, Where an off duty firemen who tried to thwart the robbery was wounded, Said Waterbury police spokesperson Lt.Captain christopher corbett, we have been tracking him since early april.He's been hiding in lots of locations, predominantly around waterbury, corbett these.Police haven't disclosed what quantity of money was taken in any of the robberies.Early wed, waterbury police learned jordan was at a high-Rise apartment occupied by a friend of his son, corbett rumoured.Officers raided the place and found him in a closet.Jordan experimented with resist arrest, but was taken into custody after challenging.He was owning more than 100 ecstasy pills, corbett supposed.Bethel police obtained an arrest warrant for jordan on april 11 regarding the the march 31 holdup at the people's united bank at grassy plain street and greenwood avenue, said bethel private eye sgt.Sean wright.Bethel police have been cooperating with detectives from watertown and waterbury in their brought on.Danbury police investigator lt.Said hello was"To soon to say"Whether jordan was also the man who also held up the chase ny bank on newtown road on march 19 and the on federal road on march 24, we're working with waterbury police and it remains an active seek, elizabeth said.Within danbury cases, the predict carried a rifle or shotgun, while no weapons were displayed in both the bethel or new york robberies.The particular only real time a weapon was actually used was in the waterbury robbery.Felix sambuco, an off duty firemen, was shot in the leg when he attemptedto tackle the robber.Corbett said the break in the instances came april 1, when watertown police captured the getaway jordans shoes for women driver for an used robbery of the.The person, whom he known as, 29, together with waterbury, suggested as a factor jordan as his accomplice.Police still don't know whether cordero drove the getaway Air Jordan 9 car most of the other robberies.But jordan is the man who entered the banks and took the income, corbett shown.Jordan has been arrested with first degree robbery and first degree assault for the webster bank job, as well as resisting arrest and possession of a hallucinogenic substance stemming from instances of his arrest.