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Health care law may still face some troubles No i haven't, i have been getting bits and pieces in my ear.That would be a significant win if thesaid this was an unconstitutional burned on states this is an issue around for decades, these types of man dates from thein the past them keep on saying it is possible that you are going to cross the line at some pointelle and put a burden on states that would be unconstitutional.What we just heard is correct, the court seems to have buttressed that principle, actually come down and said that the states have to be able to optout.That does create a rim affect if that is the case a majority of stays in the court opposing this law.If they had the ability to optout, most of them probably would.I don't see how the Health care law Can survive if the pool is reduced by Partydresses that amount.The whole premise of the Health care system In this bill is you needed to force Young people To buybecause frankly, they are not going to get as sick as often.So, they will make it afford affordable.If you you can require people to get Health Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Australia care But?States can optout.That is going to have the counter affect, reduce the pool again and make this very precarious in terms of its staying in an efficient system and being affordable.